If You Have an Orthodontic Emergency

If a dental bracket comes off, it is best to contact us. While it is not always urgent to reattach it before the next meeting, we can tell you if you need to get here sooner than later. Meanwhile, do not play with the orthodontic bracket and use wax if you have any discomfort.

When we close excess space, it is normal for excess wire to protrude from the rear. Usually it does not cause discomfort, but if it does, put wax and contact us. We will make arrangements to file the wire.

If you feel irritation on your cheeks, place wax on the irritant and rinse your mouth with warm salt water. At the beginning of the orthodontic treatment, oral tissues are not yet adapted to the friction caused by the appliances. Usually, after a few days, everything returns to normal. But if in doubt or especially if the pain increases, please phone us.

If you have a device that has two rods connecting the jaw, and the stems are separated, you can try to put them back together. Otherwise place the cotton rolls that were provided to you and call us.

If you lose your retainers or break your lingual retention wires, it is important to advise us to avoid having your teeth move out of place.