The Team at Centre d'Orthodontie Danielle Boivin, Lyne Guilbault & Natasha Cassir in Brossard

Meeting with Dr. Danielle Boivin

"I feel privileged every day to help improve my patients’ dental health and smile. In fact, our contribution gives them a better quality of life and for me, that’s the most important thing." - Dr. Danielle Boivin


Doctor of Dental Medicine: Université de Montreal 1981
Orthodontic Specialist Certificate: Université de Montreal 1984

Continuing Education

Dr. Boivin actively participates in numerous continuing education courses to maintain an optimal level of knowledge. She can thus choose and adapt the best treatments for adults, teens and children.

Dr Boivin still takes continuing education courses in all aspects of orthodontics: Invisalign, temporary bone anchors (Tads), bone microperforation for accelerating tooth movement (Propel), developing treatments assisted by computer (Insignia ) and all subjects in any way related to orthodontics.

She attends at least at one national or international convention each year.


"I am still as enthusiastic and dedicated today as I was over 32 years ago when I first started out in orthodontics. I now have the pleasure of serving my first patients’ children, thus contributing to giving them a beautiful smile in their turn.

I was president of the Association des orthodontists du Québec and Chair of the Journées dentaires internationales du Québec, which is one of the largest conventions in Canada with over 12,000 participants.

I had the pleasure of contributing to a better understanding of orthodontics as lecturer for various dental associations and at the Journées dentaires internationales du Québec and at the World Dental Federation convention.

I have also done a few television interviews, which have also contributed to a better understanding of the kind of care orthodontists can offer.

I was a clinician at the Orthodontics Department at the University of Montreal for post graduate students (Specialty).

Finally, I would conclude by saying that I still love my profession and I will continue to devote myself to it with pleasure and enthusiasm."

- Dr. Danielle Boivin

Family Life

Dr. Boivin and her husband are the parents of two wonderful young adults who are still students. When not at work or school, you will see them on the ski slopes, biking, scuba diving or travelling to better understand the world around them.

Meeting with Dr. Lyne Guilbault

"Becoming an orthodontist was my longtime dream. I feel privileged to have chosen the best profession in the world. I contribute daily to the well-being and self-esteem of my patients by creating their beautiful smiles." - Dr. Lyne Guilbault


Dentistry: Université de Montreal 1981
Orthodontics Specialist Certificate: Université de Montreal 1986

Continuing Education

Dr. Guilbault takes continuing education courses in traditional orthodontics as well as courses on the Invisalign technique. She received training in new techniques for adults and teens as well as new appliances for children.

Dr. Guilbault attended specialized courses in use of TADs (temporary bone anchoring devices), and Propel® bone micro-perforation to accelerate orthodontic movements.

Dr. Guilbault participates in at least one national or international conference annually.

Professional Associations

  • Association des orthodontists du Québec
  • Canadian Association of Orthodontists
  • American Association and Northeastern Society of Orthodontists.
  • World Federation of Orthodontists


"I have practiced orthodontics for 29 years now. I'm always happy to come to work and see my patients. I joined Dr. Boivin’s dynamic practice in 2001. Our cooperation helps us maintain a high quality of work at the cutting edge of technology.

I love meeting my patients several years after treatment, occasionally with their own children. They tell me the positive impact that orthodontics and their new smile has had on their quality of life."

- Dr. Lyne Guilbault

Family Life

Dr. Guilbault and her husband have two grown children and two wonderful grandchildren. When not at the office, you will find her on the ski slopes, in a karate dojo or spending quality time with her grandchildren. At the office, you will often hear her tell stories about her grandchildren. She loves to travel and discover other countries and other cultures.

Dr. Guilbault holds a 3rd Dan black belt in JKA Shotokan karate. She loves to teach this martial art to adults and children and seeks to apply the principles of karate-do in her everyday life.

Meeting with Dr. Natasha Cassir

“Orthodontics is an exceptional practice because it helps us improve dental health as well as our patients’ self-esteem on a daily basis. We develop a complicity with our patients while offering them a beautiful smile!” - Dr. Natasha Cassir


Dentistry: Université de Montréal 2010
Specialist Certificate and Masters in Orthodontics: Université de Montréal 2016

Continuing Education

Dr. Cassir has received exceptional training thanks to the speciality program in orthodontics at the Université de Montréal and is always on the lookout for new technologies. She has a master’s degree in myofunctional oro-facial therapy and its impact on the tongue’s position and on nasal breathing, which will allow her to apply daily, with patients, her in-depth clinical knowledge on the subject.
During her residency in orthodontics, she participated in the conferences of the American Association of Orthodontists and the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.

Dr. Cassir also takes part in a study group with other colleagues and specialists in dentistry and continues to improve her knowledge by attending numerous courses on various fields of interest in orthodontics. She is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.


“It is with great pleasure that I join the Centre d'Orthodontie Danielle Boivin et Lyne Guilbault. I feel proud and privileged to integrate myself into a dynamic and experienced team that is both friendly and familiar.

Orthodontics is a practice that I love in all its aspects: the connections to our patients that we develop over the years or the unique treatment strategies for each individual!

My research for my master's degree in orthodontics has allowed me to develop specifically deep knowledge about myofunctional therapy. I will be able to apply this knowledge on a daily basis and my patients will fully benefit from it.”

- Dr. Natasha Cassir

Family Life

Dr. Cassir and her husband have a large dog, a German shepherd named Leia. Outside of the office, you can find her on tennis courts, riding a bike or hiking. She also loves travels and adventures, always looking for new places to discover.